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標題: 使用三全方位輪驅動之球型機器人之系統設計、建模與控制
System Design, Modeling and Control of a Ball Robot Driven by Three Omnidirectional Wheels
作者: 詹翔竣
Chan, Hsiang -Chun
關鍵字: Omnidirectional Wheel;全方位輪;Ball Robot;Modeling;球型機器人;建模
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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The thesis presents techniques and design methodologies for system design, modeling and control of a ball-riding robot driven by three omnidirectional wheels. The proposed ball robot is designed and implemented using three omnidirectional wheels driving a ball, and employing one tilt sensor, one rate gyro, one accelerometer and three encoders, and a low-cost digital signal processor as a main controller. With the designed structure, a completely dynamic model of the robot moving on a flat terrain is derived using Lagrangian mechanics. Two double PD controllers are synthesized to achieve self-balancing, station keeping and point stabilization. Through computer simulations and experimental results, the proposed controllers together with the built ball robot system are successfully shown to give a satisfactory control performance.
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