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標題: IEEE 802.11無線區域網路之集中與分散協調功能之效能分析
Performance evaluation of PCF and DCF in IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN
作者: 陳英隆
chen, eing long
關鍵字: Wireless LAN;無線區域網路
出版社: 電機工程學系
摘 要
目前已有兩種無線區域網路標準:HIPERLAN及IEEE 802.11問世。其中,
IEEE 802.11規範了實體層( Physical layer,PHY )與介質存取控制層(
Medium access control layer, MAC )。而介質存取控制層( MAC )中又
規範了分散式協調功能( DCF )與集中式協調功能( PCF )。在論文中,我
們將針對IEEE 802.11無線區域網路標準中以具有碰撞避免之載波感測多
重存取( CSMA/CA )為基礎的介質存取控制( MAC )層,其各種通訊協定與
網路型態的互動關係的效能( Throughput )及時間延遲( Delay ),加以分
允許傳送( RTS/CTS ),功率控制機制( Power management mode ),組成式
無線區域網路( Infrastructure WLAN ),臨時組成式無線區域網路( Ad-
hoc WLAN ),以及訊框錯誤率( Frame error rate )等對效能與時間延遲
時間比例,我們將可使支援限時服務之IEEE 802.11無線區域網路系統的使

The wireless LANs been used in environments, such as
manufacturing floors, conventions and historic buildings, where
cable installation is expensive or impractical. Furthermore,
wireless systems and networks will not only provide
communication capability between mobile terminals but will also
permit these mobile devices to have access to "wired" networks.
Hence, wireless local networks have become an emerging
technology for today's computer and communication industries.
There are two kinds of standards of the wireless LAN: HIPERLAN
and IEEE 802.11. The IEEE 802.11 specifies the medium access
control (MAC) layer and physical layer. The MAC layer contains
two access methods:Distributed Coordination Function (DCF) and
Point Coordination Function (PCF)which support asynchronous data
transfer and time bounded service, respectively. In this
thesis, we will concentrate on the analysis of the MAC protocols
of IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard. We compare the performance
of the various data transfer protocols that are part of the
802.11 WLAN MAC protocol. We present the simulation and analytic
results on the Request To Send (RTS)/Clear To Send (CTS) message
exchange, power mangement mechanism and frame error rate for the
infrastructure wireless LAN and ad-hoc wireless LAN of DCF.
Besides these, we will conduct performance evaluation fo the PCF
protocols and taking intoaccount the using time ratio of DCF and
PCF. According to our simulations, theDCF and PCF will perform
satisfyingly by adjusting their using time ratio properly.
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