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標題: 航空啟動發電機之數位控制器設計研製
Aircraft Starter/Generator Controller Design Using Digital Signal Processor
作者: 黃敏賢
Huang, Min-Shien
關鍵字: Starter/Generator;啟動發電機
出版社: 電機工程學系
行控制器原型設計與製作.利用可變結構控制法,配合PWM 驅動電路控制啟
負載與轉速所造成的干擾.此外,本論文也採用PI 控制法作為系統信能參
考,證實可變結構法的優越性.PWM 驅動器之製作應用兩種方法,一為傳統

AbstractThis thesis aims to
develop q controller for a aircraft starter/generatorusing a
Digital Signal Processor (DSP)TMS320C25 Texas Instrument.A
DSPvoltage regulator is prototyprd and verified in this work. A
PWM inverteris emploted for driving the generator field. In
addition to a convventionalscheme for PWM signal generator , we
propose a new approach using the variable structure control(
vsc).There are several factors, which can degrade the system
performance .To cope with these factors, we use VSC for a
presise voltage regulation. The switching nature of the PWM
drive alsomakes VSC a reasonable choice for control law design
. The experimental results shows that VSC has much
betterperformance than a continuous PI controller. Robustness
tests against rotatingspeed and loading current variable also
give supportive results.
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