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標題: 微波加熱效率及電磁干擾之分析
Analysis on Microwave Heating Efficiency and Electromagnetic Interfence
作者: 余東曉
Yu, Dong-Shaw
關鍵字: Microwave heating;微波加熱;Galerkin's method;矩量法
出版社: 電機工程學系
The goals of this thesis are (1) to investigate the heating
efficiency of microwave on a lossy dielectric slab in a cavity
and (2) to study the leakage through slits on the cavity
sidewalls and its interference. This thesis consists of six
chapters. The first chapter is on introduction and literature
review. In the second chapter, the reflection properties of the
TE_10 mode in the waveguide are analyzed. In the third chapter,
the absorption properties of a lossy dielectric slab in a cavity
are studied. Two kinds of lossy slabs are considered : a beef-
like slab and a ceramic-like slab. The effects of waveguide
location on the reflection coefficients and the absorption
efficiency of dielectric slabs are studied. In the fourth and
the fifth chapters, the reflection and absorption properties are
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