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標題: 電動輪椅六段式雙馬達驅動與可變結構電流控制之整合設計
Integrated Design of a Six-Step Inverter Drive and Variable Structure Current Control for a Powered-Wheelchair
作者: 張定家
Chang, Ding-Jia
關鍵字: Six-Step Inverter Drive;六段式開關驅動器;Powered-Wheelchair;VSC;電動輪椅;可變結構控制
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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This thesis mainly develops the control system of the powered-wheelchair including the driver circuit and the controller. Here, we provide a new drive, it solves the unequally currents via each power-MOSFET and unexpected speed-up while user changes the power wheelchair's direction, system response are also analysed by Matlab. The analogy joystick's signals are digitalization by chip TMS320LF2407, the chip output suitable PWM signals that commanded by user via firmware program. To design the feedback controller, VSC has been introduced because of the robust to noise, it makes the advantage of close-loop current control and will gain perfect system response on different road surface.
This thesis links the firmware and the hardware to implement the controller of the basic powered-wheelchair. We also integrated the joystick, control circuit, controller and drive on wheelchair''s mechanism. In the future, it will develop base on this basic powered-wheelchair.
其他識別: U0005-1606200623465300
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