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標題: 具視訊串流動態負載平衡之叢集系統開發
Development of a Cluster System with Dynamic Loading Balance for Video Streaming
作者: 周世洪
關鍵字: load-balance;負載平衡
出版社: 電機工程學系

With the explosive growth of the World Wide Web, some large web sites experience a lot of request and heavy loads. A single server hosting a service is usually not sufficient to handle this aggressive growth. In order to provide quality of server effectively, many of the popular web sites deploy a set of machines, or a cluster, and have them work together to host a single service. However, there are many problems which follow cluster system. This include: how to dispatch the flow rate, consider both cost-effective and high performance, and supply of failure-handling. The above- mentioned all are very popular research in the recent years.
In this paper, we use NAT functionality in the Linux operating system to combine with packet-rewriting technology and dynamic load-balancing algorithm, and finish development of software kernel module. This kernel module has many advantages: (1) packet can be forwarded at the IP level; (2) load-balancing mechanism can base on the real system load of the back server which in the cluster system.
Finally, we also integrate the kernel module with video stream software, and make the whole cluster system to hold video-stream service, and desire that it become more complete
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