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標題: 中性上膠於手抄紙之應用
The Applocation of Neutral Sizing on Handsheet
作者: 張雅慈
Chang, Ya-Tzu
關鍵字: 中/鹼性上膠;neutral / alkaline sizing;含浸上膠;墨色;加速老化試驗;耐久性;dipping sizing;ink color;accelerated aging test;durability
出版社: 森林學系

The main purpose of this study was to make sized paper with good performance of ink color and conservation. Three series of sizing agents (rosin, AKD and Polymaron-360) were applied by internal sizing and dipping process under neutral pH value, respectively. After accelerated aging, optical and physical properties of these sized papers were evaluated to find the best formulation of sizing.
The results of internal sized paper showed that the sizing degree was in proportion to the dosage of AKD, which led to slippery paper surface and poor ink color for higher AKD dosage. The proper dosage was around 0.6 to 0.7% of AKD. Alum would have adverse effect on the durability of paper. 0.5% alum with 1.0% rosin size (Hi-pHase and Size pine T) was suggested in preparing the sized papers. Polymaron-360 internal sized paper was good to the folding endurance; the ink color was similar to that of acidic paper. Polymaron-360 could be considered as a good sizing agent, with dosage of 0.5-1.0%, for good aging resistance.
The results also showed that the sizing degree of rosin dipping sized paper was unstable and faded out easily. In comparison with two other sizing agents, ink color of Polymaron-360 dipping sized paper was better than that of AKD dipping sized paper. Ink color of AKD dipping sized paper and AKD internal sized paper were almost similar. However, ink color of Polymaron-360 internal sized paper was better than that of Polymaron-360 dipping sized paper. The optimum dipping dosage in stock was 0.01- 0.02% for AKD, and 0.05-0.50% for Polymaron-360.
The brightness of dipping sized papers was lower than that of internal sized papers. After accelerated aging, the degree of color reversion of dipping sized papers was greater than that of internal sized papers. Regarding to the pH value and physical strength, dipping sized papers were considered to be better than those of internal sized papers.
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