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標題: 臺灣產灰木科植物之分類研究
A Taxonomic Study of the Symplocaceae of Taiwan
作者: 王志強
Wang, Chih-Chiang
關鍵字: Symplocaceae;灰木科;Symplocos;Taiwan;Taxonomy;灰木屬;臺灣;植物分類
出版社: 森林學系
The morphological taxonomy of the Symplocaceae in Taiwan was studied according to the characters of pollen, venation, and wood. According to pollen morphology and sculpture, the Symplocaceae was classified into two types and seven subtypes. The results of the wood anatomy indicated that all species divided into two groups in terms of the existence of the spiral thickening on vessel walls and fiber-tracheids. The results of numerical taxonomy based on the 127 morphological characters were coincident with the morphological methods.
Among the 28 species of Symplocaceae in Taiwan, 11 species have been found in mainland China, 8 species in Ryukus, 4 species in Japan, and 1 species in Philippines.
This study concluded that there was one genus(Symplocos), including two subgenus and 28 species(including variety), in the family in Taiwan. Only one species(S. sonoharae var. formosana) was classified to subgen. Symplocos, and the other 27 species were categorized as to subgen. Hopea. The species of subgen. Hopea were further classified into eight sections: sect. Palura, sect. Lodhra, sect. Bobua, sect. Lancifoliae, sect. Glaucae, sect. Glomeratae, sect. Palaeosymplocos, sect. Wikstroemifoliae C. C. Wang sect. nov.. The key, note on habitat, general distribution maps, synonyms, and description for each species and variety were presented in this paper.

根據花粉粒特徵之研究結果,可將臺灣產灰木科植物區分為2型7亞型;依木材導管是否具有螺旋狀增厚特徵可區分為2型。根據各分類群之127個性狀資料,以數據分類所得之歸群結果和形態分類之結果頗為一致。就臺灣自生的灰木科28種植物種類而言,其中有11種與中國大陸的種類相同,琉球次之(8種亦見於琉球),再次為日本(4種),僅有蘭嶼灰木(S. cochinchinensis var. philippensis)1種亦產於菲律賓。
本研究主張將臺灣的灰木科植物區分為灰木屬 (Symplocos) 1屬;灰木亞屬(subgen. Symplocos)、深裂灰木亞屬(subgen. Hopea) 2亞屬及28種(含變種),其中臺灣南嶺灰木歸於灰木亞屬,其餘27種歸於深裂灰木亞屬。並可進一步將深裂灰木亞屬劃分為錐序節(sect. Palura)、光頂山礬節(sect. Lodhra)、球果山礬節(sect. Bobua)、披針葉山礬節(sect. Lancifoliae)、山羊耳節(sect. Glaucae)、團繖節(sect. Glomeratae)、古山礬節(sect. Palaeosymplocos)及蕘花葉山礬節(sect. Wikstroemifoliae C. C. Wang sect. nov.)等8節,其中蕘花葉山礬節為本研究所新增。本科各種類的檢索表、學名考證、地理分布圖及引證標本亦於文中提出。
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