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標題: 利用逢機擴大多型性去氧核醣核酸技術
Population genetic variation of Eriobotrya in Taiwan
作者: 洪昆源
HONG, Kung-Yung
關鍵字: RAPD;逢機擴大多型性去氧核醣核酸;isolation;polymorphic;萃取;多型性
出版社: 森林學系
主座標分析(PCA)及歸群分析後顯示鵝鑾鼻、赤牛嶺及墾丁公園屬於恆春山枇杷型;另陽明山群,大禹嶺群,梨山群及天祥群分為台灣山枇杷型;武威山枇杷型因遺傳距離幾乎與枇杷難以區分,分類處理應歸類為種或亞種。AMOVA分析結果,區域間變方成分百分比是11.18﹪,地理區域內族群間的變方成分百分比是41.47%,族群內個體間的變方成分百分比是47.35%。恆春山枇杷型其平均基因歧異度及多型性條帶比例高於其它區域,顯示其較高分化程度,遺傳歧異度達0.338,基因流(gene flow)數值為0.9791。

The purpose of the study was to determine the genetic differences among the different populations of Eriobotrya deflaxa over 10 populations using Random amplified polymorphism DNA(RAPD)technique. The Kobayashi method was better at purifying and concentrating the DNA than the standard CTAB method. A total of 144 individuals were collected from 10 populations and 4 regions in Taiwan. Thirteen primers having 186 bands were found. Of the bands 106(56.9﹪)were monomorphic and 80(43.1﹪) were polymorphic. The phenology of the flowering period among different Eriobotrya deflexa populations overlapped , No obvious reproductive isolation based on geography could be found.
The result based on the principle of coordinate analysis(PCA) and UPGMA clustering showed that the populations at Eranbic, Chi-niu ling, and Kenting park were all Eribotrya deflexa form. koshunensis.. The populations at Yang-Ming Mountain, Da-Yu ling, Li-Sang and Tian-xiang were found to be Eriobotrya deflexa f. deflexa. Northern Daiwu Mountain and Da-Hang Mountain belong to Eriobotrya deflexa f. buisanensis, but it's genetic distance is close to Eriobotrya japonica and far from the other populations. It is better treated as a species or subspecies. AMOVA analysis revealed that the variance component among groups to be 16.56﹪ the variance component among populations occupied 36.16﹪, and the variance within populations occupied 47.29﹪. The averages of genetic diversity and DNA polymorphic fingerprinting in Eriobotrya deflexa form koshunensis are higher than other groups, indicating much higher differentiation..The genetic diversity is 0.338 and gene flow is 0.9791.
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