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標題: 酸性紙脫酸處理對文物保存之影響
Effects of Deacidification of Acidic Paper on the Preservation of Cultural Articles .
作者: 廖美雲
Liao, Meei-yun
關鍵字: acidic paper;酸性紙;rosin size;aging;alum;deacidification;松香上膠劑;老化;明礬;脫酸處理
出版社: 森林學系
摘 要
酸性紙經鹼性紙的壓締處理可提升pH 值,壓締條件在高濕高壓下可縮短
壓締的時間,達到弱鹼性,以壓締處理5 、10 、15天後之老化性質與壓
締時間成正比。處理過的酸性紙經老化400 小時後,需要再壓締以維持其
酸性紙裱貼鹼性紙後,以含碳酸鈣之裱褙紙裱貼者,有明顯的提昇pH 值

It is well known that acidic papers are easily deteriorated due
to acid hydrolysis of carbohydrates.
The purpose of this study is intended to prevent the aging of
rosin-alum sized paper from deteriorating.
Three kinds of the deacidification of paper such as immersing ,
press , mounting were carried out in the study.
The physical properties of accelerated aging of papers to
determine effect of the deacidification were evaluated.
The experimental results were summarized as follows:
1. Acidic paper shows poor permanence than that of alkaline
paper. In case of the similar sizing for both of acidic and AKD
sized paper,it is likely that in good quality of ink-color
paper on surface. Moreover , without the addition of CaCO3 in
AKD sized paper , which might have poor permanence as the
acidic paper does.
2.By immersing in saturated Ca(OH)2 solution , 0.1%NaOH ,
0.1%Ba(OH)2 solutions , paper deterioration can be reduced ,
but showed slight decrease in paper strength at 0.1%NaOH-
treatment aged
paper .Without the deacidification of gel-color paper , the
physical properties will fall off rapidly even in moisture free
condition .
3.Three kinds of immersing solution except Ba(OH)2 solution , the color
and appearance of gel-color specimen after immersing in Ca(OH)2 and
NaOH solution are remarkably affected . The painting surface were also
destroyed by Ca(OH)2,but this treatment did not deteriorate the pigments.
However , the treatments is not interfere with pigment.
2. Using pressure treatment provide pH value of change acidic
paper , high stress and humid condition would reduce pressure
time to achieve paper with weak alkalinity . Aging properties
of 5 , 10, 15 days for pressure samples direct interrelation to
pressure time . After aging 400 hrs for treated paper must
pressure again to moderate decomposition .
3. Acidic paper mounted by alkaline paper would moderate the aging of
paper , and can achieve paper higher pH value .However , mounted by
neutral paper without CaCO3 would be somewhat inferior . Paper quality
with hold aging of is similar to untreated paper .
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