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標題: PU-NC Semi-IPNs 木器塗料之基礎研究
Fundamental Studies on the PU-NC Semi-IPNs Wooden Coatings
作者: 盧崑宗
Lu, Kun-Tqung
關鍵字: Blown castor oil;篦麻油;Polyurethane;Nitrocellulose;semi-IPNs;Polyisocyanate;二液型聚胺基甲酸酯;硝化纖維素;半互穿聚合體網狀結構物;聚異氰酸鹽
出版社: 森林學系
製備PU-NC semi-IPNs,在各種NCO/OH莫耳比及不同PU/NC重量比之配方條

In this study , the semi-interpenetrating polymer networks
(semi-IPNs) which were made from blown castor oil (BCO) based
polyurethane (PU) and nitrocellulose (NC) were prepared for
wooden coatings. The effects of several factors such as the NCO/
OH molar ratios , PU/NC composition , addition sequence of
components , amount of PU catalyst , kinds of NC and
polyisocyanate on properties of coatings and films were
investigated. Some experiments concerning the viscosity , gel
time , drying time of coatings and me
The semi-IPNs were prepared from PU containing aromatic
polyisocyanate (PTDI) and 1/2〞NC under different NCO/OH molar
ratios of PU and PU/NC compositions. It revealed that PU and NC
were compatible on all of conditions and the drying time of PU
could be shortened significantly and had no limitations of pot-
life by interpenetrating with NC. The formulation of semi-IPNs
with NCO/OH=1.2 , PU/NC=70/30 (R1.2-70)had a best compatible
system and was an ideal interpenetration between PU and NC and
excellent p
For the PU-NC semi-IPNs under NCO/OH=1.2 , the degree of
interpenetration between PU and NC , properties of films of
NCaBCOaPTDI addition sequence were better than those of the
BCOaPTDIaNC sequence . Compared R1.2-70 PU-NC semi-IPNs with
four kinds of polyisocyanates (PTDI , PMDI , PIPDI , PHDI)
respectively , which containing PMDI had the highest viscosity
and containing both PTDI and PMDI had the shortest drying time
of coatings. Except the semi-IPNs containing PMDI would gel
within 12 hours , the gel
Compared the R1.2-70 PU-NC semi-IPNs with three kinds of
NC(1/2〞,1/4〞1/16〞) respectively ,which containing 1/2〞NC
had the shortest drying time of coating and had the best
tensile strength , elongation at break , lightfastness and
solvent resistance of films , while , containing 1/16〞NC had
the lowest viscosity of coating , the best thermal stability
and the highest quantity of thermal expansion of film. In
addition , the gel time for all of the semi-IPNs could reach
above 30 days. Dynamic mechanic
By adding the PU catalyst DBTDL to the PU-NC semi-IPNs ,
the pot-life of coatings would be limited but could shorten the
drying time of coatings and enhanced the tensile strength ,
elongation at break , lightfastness and solvent resistance of
films with alphatic polyisocyanates . It would improve the
thermal stability of films with aromatic polyisocyanates but
the lightfastness and gloss retention were inferior to those of
semi-IPNs without DBTDL. It could shorten the drying time of
coatings and enhance
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