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標題: 薄膜電晶體之微晶矽及氮化矽薄膜特性研究
The Study of Microcrystalline Silicon and Silicon-Nitride Film on Thin Film Transistors
作者: 謝啟良
Hsieh, Chi-Liang
關鍵字: 微晶矽;氮化矽
出版社: 電機工程學系
我們採用電漿輔助化學氣相沉積系統(plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition, PECVD)沉積微晶矽薄膜,調變H2/SiH4的氣體流量比例、射頻功率的大小、沉積壓力等製程參數,分析這些參數對微晶矽薄膜均勻度、結晶度及沉積速率的影響。氮化矽薄膜的沉積,除了調變NH3/SiH4的氣體流量比例、沉積壓力、射頻功率的大小外,極板到基板間距離(spacing)也是另一項重要調變參數,分析這些參數對氮化矽薄膜均勻度、沉積速率及折射係數的影響,最後歸納出較佳之微晶矽薄膜及氮化矽薄膜的製程參數。

In this thesis, the properties of microcrystalline silicon film(μc-Si:H)and silicon nitride film(SiNx)in thin film transistors (TFTs) were studied. Experiment was done in large glass substrates(550mm ×650mm) using commercial facility, the control of film's uniformity is very important in this study.
The μc-Si:H film was deposited by changing H2/SiH4 ratio, RF power and pressure, the SiNx film was deposited by changing NH3/SiH4 ratio, pressure, RF power, and spacing between electrode and substrate. The influence of different process conditions on uniformity, deposition rate for both films, as well as crystal fraction for μc-Si:H film and refraction index for SiNx film were recorded for analysis to find out the optimum process condition. The results of this study provide some information as a reference for fabricating high quality TFT devices.
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