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標題: 高濃度散漿對再生紙品質之影響
Effects of High-Consistency Disintegration on the Qualities of Recycled Papers
作者: 林永睦
Lin, Yun-Mu
關鍵字: High-Consistency Disintegration;高濃度散漿;dydraupulping process;Recycled paper;水力散漿;再生紙
出版社: 森林學系
1. 高濃度散漿在處理三種漿料後,其留存於漿中之油墨粒子皆比傳統水力散漿來得小。
2. 在不添加藥品的高濃度散漿後,白度、紙力皆會隨著散漿時間、濃度的增加而提高。
3. 雜誌紙在高濃度散漿後其白度皆不高,可能是卡巴價過高造成,若有經過漂白步驟後
4. 在高濃度添加鹼和脫墨葯劑散漿後,影印紙最高白度可達83.5%GE;混合紙可達到
5. 高濃度散漿可將影印紙的熱塑性樹脂油墨分散,其效果比傳統水力散漿好許多,若配
6. 高濃度散漿配合聯合脫墨法對混合紙處理後,其白度亦可超過70%GE。

The aim of this study was designed to reduce water, chemicals and power
consumption in a high-consistency disintegration of waste paper, and the
effects of high-consistency disintegration on qualities of recycled papers
were also studies. The experimental results were described as follows:
1. It was concluded that high-consistency disintegration could reduce the
ink particle size to a greater extent in contrast to the conventional
deinking process for 3 different pulps.
2. It was evident that as dispersion time and pulp consistency increased,
pulp brightness and pulp strength increased without chemical addition
after the high-consistency disintegration stage.
3. The lower brightness of dispersed old magazine paper (OMP) revealed that
high residual lignin (kappa number) might be present in OMP.
4. 83.5% brightness of dispersed recycled xerographic paper and 69.3%
brightness of mixed papers can be achieved by adding alkali in
high-consistency recycled wastepaper after deinking treatment.
5. Well-dispersed thermoplastic resins-containing xero-graphic paper can
be attained by high-consistency dispersion in contrast to conventional
hydraupulping process.
6. In general, it is desirable to deink the mixed wastepaper stock under
high-consistency. Dispersion with affiliating washing/flotation deinking
system may attain a brightness of deinked pulp over 70%.
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