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標題: 景觀美質評估法在大雪山森林遊樂區紅檜人工林之研究
The Application of Scenic Beauty Estimation to Taiwan Red Cypress Plantations in Ta-Hsueh-Shan Recreation Area
作者: 江菊美
Chiang, Jyu-Meei
關鍵字: Scenic Beauty Estimation;美質評估模式;Red Cypress Plantations;stand density;relative illumination;紅檜人工林;林分密度;林分相對光度
出版社: 森林學系
本研究以美質評估模式-Scenic Beauty Estimation(SBE)法來探討其在森林遊樂區
(一)針對學生團體之評值進行 T檢定、單因子變異數分析及一致性分析,其結果顯示
其迴歸模式為: SBE = 1551.3518 + 2.0064X1 - 0.7669X2 + 558.1968X3

This paper studies on the Scenic Beauty Estimation(SBE) model using in the
forest recreation.It can understand visitors'' landscape preference for helping
feature planning and management.
The purpose of the study is to disscuss the landscape of Taiwan Red Cypress
plantation on Ta-Hsueh-Shan Recreation Area by proceeding stand inventory,
taking photographs, and the scenic quality being assessed by the group of
The summary of the obtained results is as follows:
(1)After T-test, One-Way ANOVA, and reliability analysis, it has no divergence
between the groups on landscape preference.
(2) By the correlation analysis, we can found the effective factors including
stand density, physiographic factors, relative illumination, and crown cover.
(3) A regression model, using aesthetic score as a dependent variable and
plot measurement as an independent variable, was developed by the SPSS STEPWISE
procedure. The finally selected regression equation is given as follows:
(F value = 29.2946,R?= 0.8887)
X1: Basal area/ha
X2: Elevation
X3: Relative illumination
The model was achieved high predictive power for the scenic quality of forest
(4) Landscape quality can be through scenic beauty estimation to be rational
and objective for quantifying scenic beauty evaluation. It can
widely be applied
in assessing forest scenic beauty. The results demonstrated the important
of landscape management, so managers should pay more attention to maintain
moderate stand density and relative illumination to creat more attractive
forest landscape.
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