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標題: 結合色彩與動態特徵分析法於擷取與分類F1影片中
F1 Video Segmentation and Scene Classification based on Color and Motion Information
作者: 林祐銘
Lin, Yu-Ming
關鍵字: Shot change detection;場景變動偵測;video segmentation;motion vector;color histogram;camera motion;keyframe;scene classification;影像切割;動態向量;顏色直方圖;鏡頭變動偵測;關鍵畫面;場景分類
出版社: 電機工程學系所
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In this paper, we proposed specific shot change detection for F1 videos. Video temporal segmentation is a very important step to index videos. Due to the characteristics of F1 video such as fast scene change, close-up view, and etc., the traditional shot change detection cannot successfully detect the shot boundary. Motion activity and color distribution are employed to analyze every shot and select a stable frame as keyframe to represent the shot. As we know, a lot of semantic information is contained in shot and motion activity. Through our proposed scheme, we can identify and classify the shots from the exact camera they were taken. Also, we can distinguish different genres of scenes from F1 videos such as stable scene, overlook scene, in-car camera scene, pit scene, yellow flag, and car trace scene. According to the experiential results, our proposed method can efficiently index F1 videos. Key applications of the proposed method include F1 videos scene classification, F1 videos event extraction and F1 videos highlight extraction.
其他識別: U0005-2007200621091800
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