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標題: 達觀山自然保護區植物社會與生態衝擊之研究
Studies on the Plant Community and Ecological Impacts of the Takuansh Nature Reserve
作者: 張美瓊
Chang, Mei-Chiung
關鍵字: Plant community;植物社會;Ecological impacts;Giant trees;生態衝擊;巨木群
出版社: 森林學系
定之植物社會。 巨木現況調查顯示:有二株巨木因自然因素已死亡,
其更新狀況良好。 針對環境衝擊問卷調查,共取得有效問卷1,243份
The investigation on plant community and analysis of
visitorquestionnaire about ecological impact were performed in
the study forTakuanshan natural reserve. There were 376 species
found at 21 sampleplots, including 304 species of spermatophyta
and 72 species ofpteridophytes. The phanerophyte is 75.01%, the
pteridophyte-quotient is5.98, and the area is classified as
temperate heavy moist type of climate,as shown in the life form
analysis. The habitat and succession in the plantcommunity were
classifided into seven types by matrix cluster analysis(MCA)
presented as follows: (1). \AS;Litsea elongata\AS; var.\AS;
mushaensis\AS;-\AS; Sycopsis sinensis\AS; Type, (2).\AS;
Castanopsiseyrei\AS;-\AS;Itea parviflora\AS; Type, (3).\AS;
Schima superba\AS; var.\AS;superba\AS;-\AS;Castanopsis
carlesii\AS; Type, (4).\AS;Chamaecyparisformosensis\AS;-\AS;
Pasania brevicaudata\AS; Type, (5).\AS;Chamaecyparisobtusa\AS;
var. \AS;formosana\AS;-\AS;Rhododendron formosanum\AS;
Type,(6).\AS;Cyclobalanopsis sessiliforia\AS;-\AS;Trochodendron
aralioides\AS;Type\, and (7).\AS;Cyclobalanopsis morii\AS;-\AS;
Illicium tashiroi\AS;Type. As shown in the results of
correlation test between PolarOrdination method and environmemt
factors, altitude, pH value of soil,slope and solar radiation
are concerned with vegetation differentiation.Itshows that the
vegetations within the study area can be divided into twogroups
by interspecific association. As shown in the population
structureand species diversity analysis that vegetation are
situated in the morestable stage. Visitor interviews were
conducted during October 1995 and January 1996.A total of 1,243
questionnaires were collected. Six main subjects weresurveyed,
including : the concept of understanding the environmental
impactof Takuanshan natural reserve, basic visitor information,
recreationalexperience of tourists, motivation and aim of
touring, and consciousness ofcrowding. The results showed that
the age group of tourists were concentrated inthe 20-39
(65.72%), and a large proportion(82.14%) of tourists had
aneducation level above high school, and more than half of them
had a collegeeducation and above. The largest occupational group
was students(28.64%),followed by business of service (19.55%)
and labor(15.77%). But there wasno obvious difference in the
sex. The decided factor of touring included tobeing close to the
nature(91.01%), curiosity to the giant trees(79.89%), totake
green shower(77.47%) and being invited by friends(70.31%).
Themotivations for tourists visiting the Takuanshan natural
reserve were toadmire the giant tree(90.91%), and to take green
shower(85.28%). 83.27% ofthe tourists were satisfied with their
recreation experience and 82.95% ofthem would like to revisit
the Takuanshan Reserve in the future. And 68.09%of tourists
consent to a purposed of the recreational capacity control.
The data obtained in this survey can serve as a good reference
for themanagement of Takuanshan Reserve in the future.
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