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標題: 保羅‧奧斯特作品中的後現代飾演個體與創傷
Postmodern Performative Identities and Trauma in the Work of Paul Auster
作者: 李宜珍
Lee, Yi-Jhen
關鍵字: 後現代主義;Postmodernism;飾演;個體;創傷;虛無主義。;performativity;identity;trauma;nihilism.
出版社: 外國語文學系所
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Paul Auster is a postmodernist novelist who represents the multiplicity of postmodern worlds by showing the tipping point of the fictitious and realistic. The stories of Auster''s thus reveal to be hard for distinguishing the fantasy and history since they merge with each other and become more and more indistinguishable. Thus, the characters that Auster create allegorize the real world person from past and now. Still, the story of Auster is as a loop that each connects to the other as they are repetitive and related. A story within a story is another feature of Auster''s novel that the conventional hierarchy of storyline reversed which increases the uncanniness of postmodern novels. In this thesis, I will explore the interplay between postmodernity and performativity on Paul Auster''s characters and the worlds they interact with by utilizing Linda Hutcheon and Fredric Jameson''s theory of postmodernism, Brian McHale''s idea on postmodernist fiction, and Judith Butler''s theory of performative identity. The attitudes of the characters in reaction with the world in a depressive manner is a common theme in Auster''s novels as well. I will then examine the psychological apparatuses by using Cathy Caruth''s and Tammy Clewell''s trauma theory and to see how Friedrich Nietzsche’s nihilism applies on the characters. Finally, I would see how Auster creates the worlds of postmodernist fiction by interrelating postmodernism with performativity and trauma theory.
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