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標題: 應用專家系統與地理資訊系統於森林生育地評估之研究
Studies on The Application of Expert System and Geographic Information System to Evaluate a Forest Site Factors
作者: 吳建志
Wu, Jian-Zhi
關鍵字: Expert System;專家系統;Geographic Information System;地理資訊系統
出版社: 森林學系
In this study, the data set came from Ta-Hsueh-Shan area,in the
central part of Taiwan. We apply Geographic Information Systems
technology analysis and inventory of forest site of attributes.
By making use of ARC/INFO Geographic Information Systems and
ERDAS Image Processing Systems ,along with QBASIC programming
language of chan(1993), this study made an investigation of
related problems. The summary of the obtained results is as
follows: 1.Geographic Information System combined establish
Primary Topographic Attributes (ex. Elevation,Slope,Aspect) and
Compound Topographic Attributes (ex. Potential Solar Radiation,
Moisture gradient class),it can overlay and analysis of
different environment attributes. 2.The data set of Expert
System well take Ta-Hsueh-Shan as an example, Utilize
membership function of fuzzy sets established the associations
of suitable site between physiological characteristics of tree
species and environmental variables. The result showed that
proper information to data base of Expert System. 3.Combined
the Expert System and Geographic Information System in WINDOWS
environment,We Using ARC/VIEW of Geographic System get all
environment attributes and UTM coordinate. By analysis of
Expert System the result show well, the observed and prediction
value don''t significance diffent at 0.05% significance level.
4.The result of compare percent of survival with Expert System
estimate value and prediction value. By way of sin-1
transformed and analysis of variance, it shows that the
perdiction value of Expert System estimate result can represent
observe percent of survival.

訊系統應用於森林生育地屬性之建立與應用分析,其係利用 ARC/INFO 地
理資訊系統與 ERDAS 影像處理系統軟體,配合陳(1993)所建立分析程式
較能符合實際狀況。三、於 WINDOWS 環境下結合專家系統與地理資訊系
統,以 ARC/VIEW 地理資訊系統讀取研究區所有環境屬性及座標,可展示
另一視窗之專家系統 後可產生該區域之樹種適生值作為尋求造林適地之
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