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標題: 竹材燃燒與灰化性質之研究
Study on Burning and Ashing Properties of Bamboo
作者: 張秀早
Chang, Hsiu-Tsao
關鍵字: joss stick;線香軸;smoldering;thermal analysis;悶燒;熱分析
出版社: 森林學系
黑色的竹材殘餘物變為白色或灰白色。以蒸餾水、0.5N HCl、6N HF/6N
者相較,去灰分試樣(蒸餾水處理、0.5N HCl處理、6N HF-6N HCl處理)

This study was generated by a common problem of joss stick
which left black or gray black residue after bur- ning. In
order to find out some solution , we try to realize the factors
affecting the buring property of bamboos stick which is the
main supporter of joss stick. Six common Taiwan bamboos and 2
joss sticks as experential materials. We treated bamboo samples
with inorganic chemicals to see if they could change the color
of samples'' residue.Result showed that the black residue was
produced due to the imcomplete combustion of bamboo sticks. The
inorganic compotents affect the color of residue significantly.
Some metal ionshave catalystic effect on combustion of organic
materials. In which Ca and Mg could enhance the smoldering
combus- tion to produce a more complete burning. CaCl2, Ca(
NO3)2 or Mg(NO3)2 could change the color of bamboos'' residue
from black or gray black to white or gray white. Treating
bamboo samples with distilled water, 0.5N HCl and 6N HF/6N HCl
mixed acid could remove inorganic conponents in different
degree. The thermo- property of treated samples showed
different behavior against the untreated samples. The deashed
samples (treated with distilled water, 0.5N HCl or 6N HF/6N
HCl) and chemical-added samples (treated with CaCl2, Ca(NO3)2
or Mg(NO3)2) are produced a sharp mass loss in a smaller
temperature range and were shift the first differential
thermogravity mass loss to a higher tempe- rature. The
exothermal reaction of deashed samples was shift to a higher
temperature (350℃∼550℃).And the temperature range of
exothermal reaction of chemical-added samples was become narrow
at about 330℃∼480℃.
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