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標題: 裱褙用漿糊之研製及其性質分析
Preparation and Analysis of Starch Pastes Used in the Mounting of Paper Culture Artifacts
作者: 徐健國
Shyu, Jiann-Gwo
關鍵字: Mounting;裱褙 漿糊 糊化溫度 小托 覆背;Paste;Pasting Temperature;First Backing;Second
出版社: 森林學系
影響漿糊性質之因子及與紙張劣化之關係。試驗結果如下: 1、不同裱褙
褙材料中,以宣紙裱成之裱件品質較佳。 2、煮糊溫度以80-85℃較能符
合一般裱褙店之煮糊溫度,而原料中以小麥澱粉較能符合此要求。 3、不
法產生黏性。 4、太酸或太鹼的添加物除使糊液黏度下降外,亦不利紙張
之保存。 5、小麥澱粉之前浸泡處理所煮出的漿糊黏度較低,而且黏度隨
浸泡期間換水頻率增加而下降。 6、調好之糊液隨儲存天數增加而pH值下
降,黏度上升,且黏度隨濃度增加而上升趨勢明顯。 7、石碳酸不利於紙
8、添加硫酸鋁及石碳酸的工業用糊不利於紙張的保 9、煮糊溫度經由SEM

The objects of this study investing properties of avalable
wheat starch paste and also the relation between compositions
affect- ing the nature of paste and deterioration of paper
during the precess of paste .The results are presented as in
the following: 1.The concentrations of paste solution for
different operational stages of mounting were not all the same.
First backing was about 2-4% and second backing was about 3-5%.
Xuan paper may be the better material in mounting. 2.Pasting
temperatures depended on the sources of starch; that is ca.
70℃ for tapioca, 60℃ for potato, 80℃ for corn and 85℃ for
wheat. 3.Regardless of what raw materials were, the viscosity
of paste solution increased with an increase in holding
temperature. If temperature is too high,it broke up the
structure of starch granules, and then it made the demounting
old paper artworks difficult, but an inadequate gelatinization
process would not make the paste sticky. 4.Drastic acidic or
alkaline additives not only decreased the viscosity of paste
solution but also deteriorated the paper permanence. 5.Pre-
soaking of wheat starch lowered the viscosity of paste, and an
increase in the frequency of changing water drcreased the
viscosity of paste. 6.A decrease in the pH of diluted paste
solution would occur, whereas an increase in vicosity would
result, as the storage period of diluted paste solution
prolonged. 7.Phenol-treated paper resulted in a faster aging.
Ba(OH)2- , Mg(CO3)2- treated papers with higher pH values have
good maintenance of brightness, folding endurance, and tensile
strength. Addition of Fructus Zanthoxily and Mastix reduces the
brightness of paper . 8.Al(SO4)3 and phenol-added pastes are
unfavorable to paper permenance. 9.The temperature of 80-85℃
is better for paste heating.
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