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標題: 模糊集合理論應用於適地選擇之研究 ── 以紅檜樹種為例
Application of Fuzzy Sets Theory on Suitable Site Selection- - An Illustration of Chamaecyparis formomensis
作者: 張弘毅
Zhang, Hong-Yi
關鍵字: Geographic Information System;地理資訊系統;Fuzzy sets;Membership function;模糊數學;隸屬函數;數值地形;日輻射潛能模型
出版社: 森林學系

The study utilize and instance of Chamaecyparis formominsis
specices,utilize membership function of fuzzy sets established
the associations of suitable site between physiological
characteristics of tree species and environmental variables, to
improve existing state to express the method of forest factors
of unpredictable range of suitable site ;and utilize the
digitial elevation model analysed the physical environmental of
spacial forest site,combined the Geographic Information Systems
of the integrate information management systems ,executed the
analysis of suite site of Chamaecyparis formomensis.The results
show that utilizing fuzzy sets to judgement suitable site of
tree spcies ,and matches the spacial data base fo GIS , the
method may offer the large area of the forest management when
we find the reference of buillding forest suitable site.
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