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標題: 廢紙脫墨條件之探討
Studies on the Conditions of Wastepaper Deinking Process
作者: 江永村
Chiang, Yung-Tsuen
關鍵字: Bleaching;漂白;Deinking;Disintegration;Flotation;Surfactant;Wastepaper;脫墨;散漿;浮選;界面活性劑;廢紙
出版社: 森林學系
質的影響。重要實驗結果如下所述: 1.散漿機中添加氫氧化鈉有助於油
,且洗滌後會有殘留之虞,而影響脫墨紙張之力學性質。 3.廢紙散漿後
以1.0-1.6%、浮選助劑添加量以0.4-0.6%間為宜。 5.磨木漿含量高之廢
紙以過氧化氫漂白效果較佳,以1%過氧化氫漂白後白度可提高10.6% GE
。 6.六種實驗材料,以填料含量高的雜誌紙具有較佳之浮選效率;除廢

At present, using deinked pulp for producing printing paper,
tissue paper and towels have gradually increased. So,
the brightness of the deinked pulp must be emphasized to
meet the requirements of end products. This study, using the
wastepaper of high ink content, is to change
disintegration time, chemical charge in pulper, as well as
flotation and bleaching conditions. Finally, we proceed with
six materials in order to compare the effects of the
different stages of deinking process on the properties of
handsheets. The major experimental results were summarized as
follows: 1. Addition of sodium hydroxide in pulper is
beneficial to disperse printing ink, 1-2% hydrogen peroxide or
sodium silicate are also effective in increasing the brightness
of deinked pulp. 2. Ideal amount of the dosage of surfactants
in pulper is 1%. A charge of over 1% has limited effect on
brightness, may leave residual after washing and thus
influence the mechanical properties of deinked handsheets . 3.
Repulped wastepaper should be deinked in the shortest time to
avoid dispersed ink redeposit on the surface of fibers. 4.
Fifteen minutes are appropriate for flotation, extended time
will cause higher loss in yield; suitable conditions for the
flotation consistency would be 1.0-1.6%, flotation agent
0.4-0.6%. 5. The used telephone directories with high ground-
wood content can be best bleached with 1% hydrogen peroxide,
which can result in a brightness gain of 10.6% GE of the
deinked pulp. 6. Among the six experimental materials, the
filler-rich old magazines have better flotation efficiency;
bleaching with sodium hypochlorite is better than that with
hydrogen peroxide, except used telephone directories.
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