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標題: 多媒體薄膜電晶體液晶顯示器驅動電路設計
Driving Circuits Design of Thin-film Transistor-Liquid Crystal Displays for Multimedia Applications
作者: 王敏全
Wang, Min-Chuan
關鍵字: 低功耗;高驅動能力電壓緩衝器;增加迴轉率;動態伽瑪校正;low power、high driving Capability Voltage Follower 、slew rate;Dynamic gamma correction
出版社: 電機工程學系
在第一部分,探討低功耗、高速電壓緩衝放大器應用於多媒體液晶顯示器之源極驅動電路上,隨著大尺寸面板之RC負載增大,源極驅動電路之緩衝放大器功率消耗亦隨之增大,新發展之緩衝放大器電路中加入一個感測電路及一個輔助驅動電晶體使電路達到高驅動能力,而此輔助驅動電晶體在穩態時不消耗功率,故可降低功率消耗。新提出的電壓緩衝放大器功耗可降低到0.45 mW。

The driving circuits of thin-film transistor-liquid crystal displays (TFT-LCDs) for multimedia application were studied. The developed driving circuits include a low power, high-speed buffer amplifier and a dynamic gamma voltage adjustment circuit.
In the first part, a low power, high-speed buffer amplifier which applies to the source driver of multimedia liquid crystal display was proposed. As the size and resolution of TFT-LCD panels increase, the loading capacitance and the resistance of the data lines become larger and also increase power consumption of the buffer amplifier in the source driver. In order to enhance driving capability of the buffer, comparators which sense the rising and falling edges of the input waveform was used to turn on auxiliary driving transistor to enhance charging/discharging of the output load. When the auxiliary driving transistors are at steady-state, it consumes no extra power, The power consumption of the novel buffer amplifier was reduced to 0.45 mW.
In the second part, according to the image content of LCDs, the dynamic gamma correction circuit samples the average voltage of the pixels on each scan line, and utilizes an analyzer to statistics the histogram of the grey levels. A reference voltage adjustment circuit changes reference voltage values dynamically and thus change the display gamma curve based on the control signals from the analyzer. This method can improve the image quality of liquid crystal displays.
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