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標題: 文物維護用鹼性紙之研製
Preparation of Alkaline Paper on the Preservation for Cultural Articles
作者: 黃茂青
Huang, Mao-Ching
關鍵字: Preservation;文物維護;Alkaline Paper;Preparation;鹼性紙;研製
出版社: 森林學系
酸性紙之pH值經鹼性紙之壓板脫酸處理可加以提升,在高濕高壓下可縮短壓板時間。以兩種鹼性紙在95 % R.H.及36g/cm2壓力之壓板下處理5天後,酸性紙之pH由4.8提升至7以上,劣化後的耐折力保留率由30%提升至60%。

The main purpose of this study is to evaluate the permanence of imported acid-free paper and local-made fine paper. In addition, we also made alkaline handsheets and carried out the deacidification of acidic paper in this study. The effects of deacidification on paper's permanence were also evaluated.
The experimental results summarized as following:
1. After the accelerated aging by heat, humidity and sunshine, the color reversion of acidic sized paper is more serious than that of alkaline sized paper. For the paper containing mechanical pulp, even in a small amount, light irradiation is remarkably observed, while heat and humidity treatment lead to less yellowing. From the observation on the newspaper, greater color reversion is found with heat and humidity and sunshine treatment. Alkaline paper with the addition of CaCO3, would decrease the reduction of pH value and shows better permanence during the aging. The kinds of local-made fine paper presented obvious aging process of phenomenon, especially acidic paper which kept only a quarter of the original fold strength during twelve years of indoor storage. Relatively, acidic paper which stored in dark box still had good brightness and strength. For the reason, the cultural articles should preserved under lower temperature and relative humidity environment, in addition to avoid exposure to light.
2.The results of internal sized paper showed that the sizing degree was in proportion to the dosage of AKD and the pH value during the process making handsheets. The optimum dosage was 0.1~0.2 % of AKD to deacidified paper. After illumination for 100 hours, the sizing degree of AKD and rosin-alum sized paper reduced to 0.
3. The pH value of acidic paper could be increased by press plate treatment with alkaline paper. For example, acidic paper deacidified between two alkaline papers under the condition of 95% R.H. and 36 g/cm2 for 5 days, the pH value could increase from 4.8 to above 7, the retention of fold strength of paper raised from 30% to 60%.
4.Local-made Alkaline paper from mill A and imported acid-free paper showed good permanence. The effect of deacidification of acidic paper, local-made alkaline paper and laboratory made handsheet were better than imported acid-free paper. We can consider these two kinds of paper to be used in the preservation of cultural articles.
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