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標題: 林務局組織文化之研究--以台東、東勢林區管理處為例
Organizational Culture in Taiwan Forestry Bureau--A Case Study of Taitung and Dongshih Forest District Offices
作者: 周士鈞
Chou, Shih-Jiun
關鍵字: Organizational culture;組織文化;National culture;Taiwan Forestry Bureau;國民文化;林務局
出版社: 森林學系

The research intends to explore the diversification of organizational culture on the basis of personnel background and different units in Taiwan Forestry Bureau(TFB). It aims to analysis the diversification of national culture on the basis of personnel in TFB, and furthermore, to discuss the relationship between organizational culture and national culture.
The method of questionnaire was adopted. Literature review was focus on organization culture and national culture in Taiwan, and a questionnaire on organizational culture and national culture of the TFB was designed. There were 251 usable responses (44.3%) rated as acceptable samples from the 566 target member in the Forestry Bureau, Taitung and Dongshih Forest District Offices and the ranger stations under Taitung and Dongshih Forest District Offices control.
Statistical analysis of test including Chi-Square, T test, ANOVA and Multiple Regression were applied to data analysis and research hypothesis testing. The main findings of this research are as followed:
1. The variation of personnel background cause significant different in organizational culture and national culture. In public, ages, seniorities, positions, and professional positions, are to part cause significant different in organizational culture and national culture.
2. The master-oriented in the Forestry Bureau and ranger stations have common cognition. Therefore, Forestry Bureau and ranger stations are the precedence unit over Forest District Offices when TFB allot new employees and has the benefits to promote the whole morale and job satisfaction.
3. There is no obvious culture oriented in the Forest District Offices. But in the Forestry Bureau, it has obvious culture oriented that objective-oriented and public-oriented culture has the highest cognition degree and ranger stations.
4. Organizational culture in Taitung and Dongshih Forest District Offices shows diversification only in public-oriented. Therefore, the culture oriented cognition degree doesn't have the different regionalism and job task.
5. Employees in the ranger stations are common cognition that organization only interested in what people's working and just with less concern about the personal problems.
6. National culture of the Taiwan Forestry Bureau has predictability to its organizational culture. In public, National culture of masculinity-oriented and long-term orientation has the most predictability to organizational culture.
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