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標題: 台灣竹產業現況分析及未來發展
The Current Status Analysis and Future Development of Taiwan Bamboo Industry
作者: 林怡君
Lin, Yi-Chun
關鍵字: industry transition;產業變遷;bamboo management;import value;export value;bamboo manufacturing;bamboo charcoal;竹林經營;進口值;出口值;竹製品製造業;竹炭
出版社: 森林學系
由研究結果得知,國內竹林經營面臨土地、工資、生產成本、價格競爭和行銷通路等問題,造成竹農經營意願低落;未來應朝精緻化、專業分工發展,同時可轉型為休閒農業。我國竹類產品之進出口貿易,主要出口國為美國和日本、進口國為中國大陸和越南,產品以竹製家具和座物具較強競爭力。國內竹製品製造業多屬小型企業,以竹稈加工為主,生產製造上著重原料供應來源穩定和竹材加工性,主要製造優勢為生產管理上的製程合理。但由於面臨進口竹製品廉價競爭、製程無法全自動、材料成本偏高和替代品威脅等問題,有55 %的竹加工業者近十年營運狀況為負成長,政府及學術單位應透過產官學合作,開發精緻與高價值產品,並舉辦展覽促銷活動。目前竹製品製造業中,以精緻竹家具、竹劍和竹工藝品尚有發展潛力。另外,新興之竹炭、竹醋液製造業為竹產業開創一轉型契機,未來發展方向應積極訂定認證機制、加強推廣、開發多功能性產品,並建立產業策略聯盟。

Bamboo is a significant forest product, and bamboo manufacturing is the essential conventional industry in Taiwan. However, Taiwan bamboo industry declined conspicuously as a result of the industry environment transition. This research analyzes secondary data and primary data. The secondary data include Taiwan bamboo resources and bamboo products import and export commerce. The primary data include questionnaire investigation of bamboo manufacturing and interviews with bamboo farmers and particular bamboo manufacturers. For the purpose, it comprises understanding the current status of Taiwan bamboo management and bamboo manufacturing, knowing well the market development trend, and indicating the future direction that can be a proposal for the government, farmers and manufacturers.
As a result, owing to acres, wages, production costs, price competition, channels, etc. farmers lose heart in bamboo management. Should be intensive farming and specialization demarcation, as well as transformation from traditional agriculture to leisure industry in the future. In regard to bamboo products import and export commerce, the main exporters are America and Japan, and the main importers are China and Vietnam. The furniture and seats of bamboo have stronger competitiveness. In Taiwan, most of bamboo manufacturer are small business, and process with culm. The bamboo manufacturing attaches importance to the stability of raw material supply and bamboo process properties. The manufacturer's major advantage is the process rationalization in production management. Nevertheless, in that price competition of import bamboo products, incapable of automation process, expensive material cost, substitute threat, etc. there are 55 % manufacturers growing negatively in the past ten years. Therefore the government, academic sections and industrial circles should cooperate to develop exquisite and great benefit products, and to hold exhibitions and promotion. At present, the exquisite furniture of bamboo, bamboo sword, and bamboo work possess still development potential in bamboo manufacturing. Besides, emerging bamboo charcoal and bamboo vinegar manufacturing creates a turning point for bamboo industry. Should draw up positively identification mechanism, popularize commodities, develop functional products, and establish industry strategic alliance hereafter.
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