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標題: 關刀溪不同林分二氧化碳濃度之變化
The Variation of Carbon Dioxide Concentrations Between Different Stands in GuanDauShi Forest
作者: 王志仁
Wang, Jyh-Ren
關鍵字: carbon dioxide;二氧化碳;GuanDauShi;關刀溪
出版社: 森林學系
試驗期間,兩林分夜間的二氧化碳濃度均較日間為高,天然闊葉林夜間的二氧化碳濃度(412.4±12.5 ppm)略高於人工杉木林(399.2±15.3 ppm),日間則是人工杉木林(395.6±15.3 ppm) 略高於天然闊葉林 (391.0±9.0 ppm)。兩林分的二氧化碳濃度在垂直高度上有不同的變化趨勢,天然闊葉林以冠層下方之二氧化碳濃度最高(406.9±14.3 ppm),人工杉木林則以冠層處的二氧化碳濃度最高(407.4±13.1 ppm)。

CO2 concentrations within a China-fir plantation and a natural hardwood stand were measured to explore the distribution of CO2 and the effect of stand composition in forest ecosystem. The experiment site locates in Guandaushi Long Term Ecological Research site in Nantou. We chose three sampling plots in each stand, three sampling heights were set in each plot. Contrast plots were set at three sampling heights outside each stand. LI-COR 6252 was used to offer 24-hour continuous sampling, each sampling period sustained 24 hours at least.
During the experiment period, nighttime CO2 concentrations were higher than daytime CO2 concentrations in each stand. Nighttime CO2 concentrations in natural stand(412.412.5 ppm) were higher than China-fir plantation(399.215.3 ppm). But daytime CO2 concentrations in China-fir plantation (395.615.3 ppm) were higher than natural stand(391.09.0 ppm). CO2 concentration showed different trends in different stands. The highest CO2 concentrations appeared below canopy in nature hardwood stand(406.914.3 ppm), but appeared within canopy in China-fir plantation(407.413.1 ppm).
The most important factors that influence CO2 concentrations were diurnal CO2 concentration variance and light intensity. CO2 concentrations usually increase while light intensity decreases. During experiment period, the maximum light intensity values appeared between AM 10:00 and noon, but the minimum CO2 concentration values appeared between noon and PM 15:00.
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