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標題: 私有地主參與全民造林運動造林計畫滿意度之研究-以台中縣為例
Studies on Satisfaction of Private Landowners Participate in All People Reforestation Movement Reforestation Plan-An Illustration of Taichung County
作者: 曾聰堯
Tsung-Yao, Tseng
關鍵字: private landowners;私有地主;All People Reforestation Movement Reforestation Plan;satisfaction;全民造林運動造林計畫;滿意度
出版社: 森林學系
本文旨在探討私有地主參與全民造林運動造林計畫之滿意度;滿意度影響因素及滿意度與參與後態度與未來行為意圖之關係。本研究採用量化研究之調查研究法(Surveying research),以經過效度及信度考驗之自編「獎勵造林計畫意見表」為研究工具,以描述性統計、T檢定、單因子變異數分析及相關分析等統計方法,對臺中縣地區95位(有效樣本)參與全民造林運動造林計畫(簡稱造林計畫)之私有地主進行調查,研究結果如下:1. 臺中縣地區參與造林計畫之私有地主多屬小面積造林,面積多在0.5公頃(含)以下。2. 私有地主參與造林計畫之動機以造林有獎勵金、不想從事農業生產、繼續經營管理土地(包含留給後代子孫)、配合政府政策(包含水土保持)等4類型為主,其餘動機較少。3. 私有地主對計畫作業程序、種苗、服務態度均表滿意,對計畫說明、輔導均表無意見,對地主犧牲、獎勵金均表不滿意。4. 計畫改善之建議:優先改善地主犧牲、獎勵金,其次改善計畫說明、輔導。5. 私有地主對造林計畫普遍為中度滿意,部分低滿意度,高滿意度者較少。6. 影響滿意度因子為社會環境及參與計畫動機兩因子。滿意度與繼續參與意願成正相關,與抗議意圖成負相關。最後,本研究提出數點建議供林政研究及政策擬定者做為參考。

The purposes of this research is to study satisfactions of private landowners participate in All People Reforestation Movement Reforestation Plan、it’s factor, and relationships between the satisfactions, and attitudes after attended programs, and future behaviors intention. The research method is surveying research of quantitative research methods, using the tool “The questionnaire of Award Reforestation Plan”, which had pass validity and reliability test. The research use the descriptive statistics, T-test, one-way ANOVA, and correlation to analysis the 95 responses’s data, which are participate in All People Reforestation Movement Reforestation Plan in Taichung County.The results as follows:1.Reforestation area belong small reforestation, below 0.5 ha(included)a lot.2.Private landowner’s purposes of participate in Reforestation Plan most are Reforestation awards, don’t want to farming, count ion management the land(included left the land to child),and cooperation with the government(included the water and soil conversation).3.Private landowners satisfied with plan process、seedlings、service attitudes,and no opinions with plan illustrate、extension,and dissatisfied with private landowners,s lose、award grant.4.Suggest of plan improving:first,improve the private landowners,s lose and award grant, second,improve the plan illustrate and extension.5.Most private landowners have meddle degrees of satisfied, partial landowners have low degrees of satisfied, and little landowners have high degrees of satisfied.6.The soc-environment factor, and purposes of participate in plan affect satisfactions. The willing of continue participate in plan have positive correlation between with satisfaction, and intentions of exceptions have negative correlation between with satisfaction.
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