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標題: 塗料之合成及其在木竹材塗裝上之應用
Synthesis of Coatings and Their Applications to Finishing of Wood and Bamboo
作者: 王張光
Wang, Chang-Kuang
關鍵字: Amino alkyd resin coating;胺基醇酸樹脂塗料;unsaturated polyester coating;不飽和聚酯塗料;聚胺基甲酸酯塗料前處理
出版社: 森林學系
其後觀察評估竹材前處理及塗裝方法對塗裝工程和效果之影響。 由試
著色處理以塗膜著色方法之效果較佳,可得色調均一之材面。 本試驗

Amino alkyd resin coating, unsaturated polyester coating, and
polyurethane coating, used often in wood finishing, were
synthesized and applied to wood finishing to be tested to
understand their properties. In order to find out better
pretreatments of bamboo board and appropriate finishing method
for bamboo board to reach the best finishing result, due to its
variety of bamboo board, these three coatings were practically
applied to finishing of bamboo board and tested to know the
properties of their coatimg films. At the same time, the
influences of pretreatments of bamboo board and finishing
method on finishing of bamboo board would be observed and
evaluated. All the results are summarized as follows: among
three wood coatings applied to finishing of bamboo board, most
of the properties of the unsaturated polyester coating film and
the polyurethane coating film are good. The properties,
hardness and boiling water resistance, of the unsaturated
polyester coating film can be improved by UV curing, so can be
of the polyurethane coating film by increasing NCO/OH+COOH
molar ratio. Sanding indeed influences the gloss of bamboo
board. Filling by using 10% solid content of resin coating and
fillers can provide a better result. In colouring, a well-
distributed tinge in bamboo board's surface can be obtained by
using coating-film colouring. All three coatings used for
finishing of bamboo board have good appearance and mirror-like
finishing. The hardness of different positions in bamboo board
after finishing with amino alkyd resin coating,affects the
hardness of the film. Bamboo board with different sanding
pretreatments have shown no difference in gloss after
finishing, and the variation in gloss between different
positions of bamboo board can also be reduced to the minimum.
But the tone in different finishing substrates still influences
gloss after finishing. Bamboo board with adequate filling can
have excellent quality of finishing.
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