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標題: 大雪山地區紅檜人工林地上部生物量與養分聚積
Above-ground Biomass and Nutrient Accumulation of Chamaecyparis formosensis (Taiwan Red Cypress) Plantation in Ta-Hsueh-Shan Area
作者: 陳俊文
Wen, Chen Chin
關鍵字: Chamaecyparis formosensis;紅檜;biomass;probability density function;生物量;機率密度函數
出版社: 森林學系
聚積。研究結果獲悉: 14年生林分生物量為61.79ton/ha;氮198.94kg/ha,
磷30.93kg/ha,鉀203.33kg/ha,鈣249.87kg/ha及鎂42.46kg/ha。 21年生
ha,鈣302.16kg/ha及鎂61.50kg/ha。 29年生林分生物量為84.19ton/ha,
。 Weibull機率密度函數能有效配置林分之直徑分佈,並可以此推測林分

The purpose of this study is to investigate the above-ground
biomass and nutrient accumulation of 14, 21 and 29 years old
Chamaecyparis formosensis plantations in Ta-Hsueh-Shan area.
Stratified-clip technique was used to obtain the growth data of
sample trees which was selected from various DBH classes of
study plots. The above-ground biomass and nutrient accumulation
of each stand were estimated by allometric equations with DBH
as single independent variable. All the results can be
summarized as follows: 14 years old stand biomass:61.79ton/ha,
N:198.94kg/ha, P:30.93kg/ha, K:203.33kg/ha, Ca:249.87kg/ha,
Mg:42.46kg/ha. 21 years old stand biomass:105.02ton/ha, N:331.48
kg/haa, P:54.95kg/ha, K:286.66kg/ha, Ca:302.16kg/ha, Mg:61.50kg/
ha. 29 years old stand biomass:84.19ton/ha, N:234.95kg/ha,
P:34.07kg/ha, K:171.28kg/ha, Ca:243.07kg/ha, Mg:63.64kg/ha.
Major vertical dry-matter distributions of branch and leaf of
the sampled tree showed that leaf dry-matter was concentrated
in the upper and middle parts of the crown. The largre amount
of mortal branch was significantly left at the bottom of the
crown which makes the prunning operation necessary in order to
upgrade the quality of individual tree. Weibull probability
density function has been proved to be the best description of
diameter distribution of the stand. It may also be used to
estimate biomass of each component of stand. Nutrient
concentration varied considerably between tree tissues. It was
the highest in the needle, the lowest in the stemwood, and
intermediate in the branch bark, stem bark and branch wood.
Because tissue nutrient concentrations exhibited relatively
little change with the stand development, total above-ground
nutrient accumulation followed the dynamic of biomas expansion.
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