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標題: 裱褙用漿糊之研究
A Study of Starch Paste Used in Mounting Paintings
作者: 廖伶芬
Liao, Ling-Fen
關鍵字: Mounting;裱褙;Paste;Starch;Folding endurance;Paper;漿糊;澱粉;耐摺力;紙
出版社: 森林學系
因子及與紙張劣化之關係。試驗結果如下︰ 1.於漿糊中添加各種防蟲抗
礬的抗菌力雖然較好,不過因為pH值過低,不利於紙張之保存。 2.小麥
,但對紙張之劣化並無明顯之促進效果。 3.以硫酸鋁溶液含浸之紙張,
時之安定性最佳。 4.硫酸鋁漿糊雖稍具抑菌力,但不利於紙張之保存;

Silk or paper is mainly part of the raw materials for Chinese
scrolls,being deli6cate and flexible,they are easy to
deteriorate after a long period. For the sake of conservation,"
mounting"which means putting paper lining or hemp cloth on the
paper back with starch paste is used. Wheat starch paste is the
most important material in mounting because the properties of
wheat starch paste could affect the quality and conservation of
the mounting of Chinese paintings.Due to the paper permanence
apparently affected by the pH of paste,it is the aim of this
study investigating properties of available wheat starch paste
and also the relation between compositions affecting the nature
of paste and deterioration of paper during the preparation
process of paste.The results are presented as in the following:
1. The anti-fungal effect of insecticides and fungicides on
wheat starch paste is not apparent and they do not accelerate
the aging rate of paper very much.Though Al2(SO4)3 has a
response in anti-fungal effect,low pH puts it at a disadvantage
in conservation of paper. 2. Pre-soaking treatment for wheat
starch gives quite limited effect on the removal of proteinous
material but shows great effect on fungicides.With the increase
of pre-soaking time,a slight increase in brightness and decrese
in pH shows but not obvious effect on paper aging. 3. Al2(S
O4)3 treated paper resulted in a fast aging rate,but alkaline
treated paper was slower.Various alkalis exhibit different
effects on paper permanence which MgCO3 andBa(OH)2
give little effect on brightness,and a lightly concentrated N
a2CO3 is responsible for color reversion.A good paper
permanence will be obtained by maintaining the pH around 7.0.
4. Al2(SO4)3 -added paste gives a little anti-fungal
effect,but not quite helpful for paper permanence.A Na2CO3
-added Al2(SO4)3 containing starch paste gives rise to
not only anti-fungal effect but also reducing the paper
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