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標題: 模擬酸雨對杉木及樟樹苗木之影響
The Effects of Simulated Acid Rain on Cunninghamia lanceolata and Cinnamomum camphora Seedlings
作者: 王秋雪
Wang, Chiou-Sheue
關鍵字: simulated acid rain;模擬酸雨
出版社: 森林學系
本試驗乃藉模擬酸雨處理6個月大的杉木苗木及2個月大之樟樹苗木,以探討酸雨對苗木之生長、離子的淋溶、組織養分的含量及部分生理作用之影響。模擬酸雨是以SO42-與NO3-當量濃度比3:1之比例混合,調整pH值至5.6、4.1和2.6,分別處理杉木16週、樟樹12週,試驗結果顯示苗木在低pH (pH 2.6)處理下,二樹種的地徑、苗高、乾重和葉面積皆下降,而pH 4.1對杉木反而有施肥的功效,其苗高淨生長、乾重和葉面積有增加的情形。此外,二樹種穿落水中大部分的陽離子及SO42-濃度多有隨著雨水酸度的增加而增加之趨勢,其中樟樹對H+之中和能力較杉木大,杉木冠層對NO3-則有截留的作用。二樹種的氮、硫含量在pH 2.6處理下亦有上升的現象,樟樹的磷和杉木的鈣含量則有下降之趨勢,其他之養分(鉀、鈉、鎂)在二樹種有些許的差異,但多有先下降後恢復或增加的情形。另外,杉木葉綠素含量在pH 2.6處理者有較高的情形,杉木和樟樹的氣孔導度及蒸散作用在酸雨處理下亦有提高之現象,二樹種的蛋白質含量皆以pH 2.6處理者最大,其次為pH 4.1處理者,pH 5.6處理者最少。

In this study, six-month-old Cunninghamia lanceolata and two-month-old Cinnamomum camphora seedlings were treated with simulated acid rain, in order to determine whether acid rain affecting growth, foliar cation leaching, nutrients in tissues and some physiological processes in seedlings. Simulated acid rain was a mixture of 3:1 equivalent concentration ratio of nitric and sulfuric acid. The pH value was dilute with water to 5.6, 4.1, or 2.6. Cunninghamia lanceolata and Cinnamomum camphora seedlings were treated for 16 weeks and 12 weeks. respectively The results showed that diameter near ground, height, biomass and leaf area decreased significantly for seedlings of two species treated with pH 2.6 strong acid rain, however, Cunninghamia lanceolata seedlings treated with moderately acid rain (pH 4.1) had greater net height growth, biomass and leaf area resulting from fertilizer (N) effect. In addition, there was a trend toward increasing the concentration of most cations and SO42- in throughfall with the increasing of rain acidity. The capacity of neutralizing acid deposition is more efficient for Cinnamomum camphora leaves than for Cunninghamia lanceolata foliage. Two tree seedlings exposed to acid rain of pH 2.6 caused an increase in tissue N and S levels, but caused an decrease in tissue P content for Cinnamomum camphora seedlings and tissue Ca content for Cunninghamia lanceolata seedlings. Although the variation of other nutrients such as K, Mg and Ca was little different for two species seedlings, there was a trend toward decreased in the beginning and recovered or increased later for both seedlings. In addition, Cunninghamia lanceolata treated with acid rain of pH 2.6 had a significant higher level of chlorophyll content. There were greater stomatal conductance and transpiration for two tree seedlings treated with acid rain. The content of protein in both seedlings decreased as follows: pH 2.6 > pH 4.1 > pH 5.6.
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