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標題: 台灣主要林產工業用材特性之評估
The evaluation of characteristics of raw material used for the main forest product industries in Taiwan.
作者: 林貞瑩
Lin, Cheng-Yin
關鍵字: Wood furniture industry;木製家具業;plywood industry;construction;合板業;建材業
出版社: 森林學系

This study has determined the importance of the factors related to the characteristics of wood during lumber purchasing for Wooden furniture ,Plywood and Construction Industries. A total of 460 manufacturers were chosen to be asked about the raw material attributes. Statistics Analysis was used to detect if significant differences were existing among appearance, utilization, mechanical and physical properties. The results showed that lumber quality, wood color, moisture content, swelling-shrinkage percent were the most important factors when the purchaser to make decisions to buy the material. Thermal properties and electric properties were the attributes that the least influence on their decisions. There are no significant differences between the utilization and mechanical properties. Also, the differences were detected between the respondences of lumber manufacturers. Based on these important factors, some species could be suggested, such as : Taiwan red cypress, Taiwan yellow cypress, Taiwan incense cedar, China fir, Taiwania, Formosan china-fir, Peacock pine, Taiwan zelkova , Formosan sweet gum, Camphor tree, machilus, Chinese guger tree, Small-flowered camphor tree, Formosan ash.
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