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標題: 台灣地區1998-2000年間分離新城病毒之特性分析與防治技術研究
Characterization and Prevention Techniques of Newcastle Disease Virus Isolated in Taiwan in 1998-2000
作者: 張伯俊
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類;應用研究
台灣地區於1998-2000年間各地頻有疑似新城病之疫情傳出, 由於此次疫情中所觀察到之新城病臨床徵狀與傳統者有所不同, 因此產學界有各種說法在坊間流傳, 影響業者之防疫觀念.本實驗室曾針對1998至2000年間, 本省各地所分離之新城病毒進行分析, 結果發現這些病毒在序列分類上仍屬新城病毒第七基因型, 但是在親緣樹中卻有極高度集中化之現象, 且與大陸江蘇、廣東等地之分離株極為近似( 相似度達97-99% ), 反而與台灣前次( 1995年 )新城病大爆發期間所分離到之病毒相距較遠( 相似度祇有82-95% ), 此種現象極不尋常, 顯示目前有一群特定之新城病毒正肆虐於本省與中國大陸.本研究之目的即在探討為何這群病毒能如此猖獗, 主要探討方法為比較這群病毒與台灣1995年間及其之前所分離者之ND病毒有何差異, 比較之項目將包括: ( 1 )病毒之免疫學特性比較, 如交叉血球凝集抑制( HI )試驗, 交叉病毒中和試驗, 交叉雞隻保護力試驗等.( 2 )病毒之核酸與蛋白序列分析比較, 包括病毒HN與F之完整序列定序與分析, 以比較病毒之可能之醣基化位置、酵素活性中心( 神經胺酸酶 、血球凝集素等 )、以及可能之抗原決定區是否有重要變化.( 3 )其它特性比較, 包括病毒對環境之抵抗力( 熱安定性等 )、在耐過雞隻之排毒能力等等.本研究希望藉由這些比較分析, 來瞭解台灣地區1998-2000間之NDV分離株與先前者有何不同, 以探討其能同時肆虐於兩岸之原因, 進而從中找出破解之道, 以協助本省ND之防疫.

Outbreaks of Newcastle disease ( NDV )were suspected to occur in Taiwan in 1998-2000.The clinical symptoms of the ND observed in these outbreaks appear different from those of conventional ND, and therefore a variety of hypothesis have been put forward to explain these observation.We sequenced the gene of Newcastle disease virus ( NDV )isolated in 1998-2000, and found that these viruses still belong to the genotype VII of NDV.However, NDV isolated in 1998-2000showed an unusual clustering in the phylogenetic tree.Moreover, these viruses are most closely related to NDV isolated in mainland China ( 97-99%identity )but distinct from NDV isolated in Taiwan in 1995and before ( 82-95%identity ).This result suggests that a specific group of NDV have been causing outbreaks in both Taiwan and China.We propose to characterize the NDV isolated in 1998-2000in Taiwan, so as to understand why they can cause outbreaks in both Taiwan and China.The main approach is to investigate the differences between NDV isolated in 1998-2000with those isolated in 1995and before.The biological properties we proposed to compare include: ( 1 )Immunological properties, including cross HI test, cross neutralization test, and cross protection experiments.( 2 )Nucleotide sequence, including complete nucleotide sequences of HN and F gene.The comparison will be focused on the glycosylation site, active site of enzymatic or binding reaction ( neuraminidase and hemagglutination ), and sites that determine the antigenicity or immunogenicity.( 3 )Other biological properties, including resistance to environmental changes ( heat resistance…… ), shedding of virus in convalescent chickens, etc.We believe that above works will help us understand better the NDV isolated in Taiwan in 1998-2000, and also elucidate why they have been causing outbreaks in both Taiwan and China.The final goal is to find a better way for the vaccination or prevention of ND, and to reduce the occurrence of ND in Taiwan.
其他識別: 90農科-6.2.1-檢-B2(7)
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