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標題: 高靈敏奈米線場效電晶體檢測平台之穩定化及其在防疫之應用
Stabilization and Application in Quarantine Using Ultra-Sensitive Nanowire Field Effect Transistor-Based Biosensor Platform
作者: 黃千衿
關鍵字: 應用研究;畜牧獸醫類, 電子電機工程類, 生物技術;Nanowire FET;奈米線場效電晶體;矽奈米線;高靈敏度;Si Nanowire;Sensilize
奈米線場效電晶體(nanowire FET)具有即時偵測、高靈敏度與高穩定度等多項優點,受到許多研究團隊的重視。開發高靈敏生物檢測系統—奈米線場效電晶體生物檢測器,對於發展高靈敏即時檢測器是最有利的研究方向。完成奈米線場效電晶體偵測平台,除了應用於抗體、抗原檢測或是核酸序列配對,更可即時檢測多種動物疫病害蟲,應用範圍廣泛。此檢測系統之核心技術需整合兩大領域研究「奈米生物科技」與「半導體製程技術」。雖然許多研究證明奈米線場效電晶體(nanowire FET)具有優越的電性效益,但是如何將元件整合建立成一套生物感測系統,是有待突破的問題;我們已完成了多項重要研究,爐管製作高純度矽奈米線、奈米線表面改質用於標定蛋白質、利用金奈米粒子增加鍵結效率、半導體製作奈米線場效電晶體、螢光摽定、蘭花病毒檢測,並獲得極高的檢測靈敏度,1 ng的病毒可以得到27.3 ns 的變化。本計畫將導入溫控系統與退火製程,提高檢測靈敏度。利用外循環式溫控系統可提升系統穩定度,此外,奈米線場效電晶體經過退火處理,可改善矽奈米線(Si Nanowires)與金電極(Au)間晶格不連續面排列,得到更優異的電性表現及提高檢測靈敏度。

英文摘要:Nanowire FET sensor device attract many research teams attention, because they have a number of key features, including real-time electrical signal transduction, ultrahigh sensitivity, high stability and exquisite selectivity. Developing nanowire FET sensor is the most advantageous research direction to achieve the ultrahigh sensitive and real-time detection system. Completing nanowire FET sensor detection platform not only can apply in detecting antibody, antigen or matching nucleic acid sequence, but also can examine many kinds of animal epidemic disease and harmful insects. The application scope would be widespread. This core technology of detection systems combines two research fields- “biotechnology and process of semiconductor”. Many researches have proved nanowire FET be superior electrical property, but how to arrange and set up a set of biosensor system is still a importance problem. We complete many kinds of great researches including manufactures high purity silicon NWs, surface modification of NWs using gold nanoparticle, fluorescence label and Cymmv detection. Besides, the surface modification of NWs using gold nanoparticle would apply for the patent. This project not only set up the nanowire FET system, but also solved the problem of surface modification. It is the first foundation of nanotechnology technology inducts the actual plant virus examination and obtain ultrahigh limit of detection, 1ng virus can acquire 27.3 ns conductance change. Therefore, we innovated process of nanowire FET and biotechnology, and develop home-made, ultrahigh sensitivity and high accuracy biosensor. Finally, we would make this application to apply for the patent, and consolidate domestic plant epidemic disease examination technology.
其他識別: 98農科-9.2.4-檢-B1(31)
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