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標題: 屠宰場廢棄屠體及內臟處理之安全模式系統之建立與評估
Establishment of Process Model of Condemned Carcase in the Slaughter House
作者: 陳德勛
關鍵字: 畜牧獸醫類;應用研究
建立屠宰場廢棄屠體處理模式及病死原因之分析 1. 協助建立一套完整從屠宰場至化製場前的安全與合乎衛生的處理、運輸及化製前後安全性監控模式系統以期能提高整個屠宰作業衛生水準。 2. 瞭解家畜屠宰場廢棄屠體之化製前之病死原因及安全性調查及監控。 3. 家畜屠宰場廢棄屠體處理模式及品質監控系統之建立。 4. 風險管理機制之建立。

The aim of this study is to establish a safe process model of condemned carcase in the slaughter house. At the same time, we are going to investigate the cause of the condemned carcase and set up the monitor system. We also study the optimal model to process condemned carcase and prevent the improper use of these condemned carcase. We hope to establish a management system to process condemned carcase.
其他識別: 93農科-1.11.1-檢-B1(4)
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