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標題: 低供應電壓之高電壓整流器電路設計
Design of A High Voltage Regulator Circuits for Low Supply Voltage
作者: 王寵智
Wang, Chung-Chih
出版社: 電機工程學系

This thesis proposes a high voltage regulator circuit for low supply voltages, which includes ring oscillator circuit, four-phase generator circuit, high-amplitude generator circuit, charge pumping circuit, band-gap reference (BGR) circuit, voltage regulator circuit, voltage regulator controller circuit. The operations of these sub-circuits and the complete regulator are introduced. The thesis also analyzes the low voltage dual pumping circuit and compares, the results of measurement and simulations. In addition, the sub-1V CMOS band-gap reference circuit is analyzed. The theoretical derivation proves and explains why the output waveforms are different from those of the other band-gap reference circuits. Finally, the high voltage regulator circuit is used to generate the output voltages of 6V, 7V, and 8V. It has been taped out using 0.35m CMOS technology.
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