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標題: An Analytical Study of Coleridge's Conversation Poems
作者: Liu, Yu-Fen
關鍵字: Coleridge;柯立基;Conversation Poem;Romantic theme;imagination;melancholy;nature;meditation;self-realization;會話詩;浪漫時期;想像力;憂鬱;自然;沈思;自我實現
出版社: 外國語文學系
This thesis first gives a short introduction to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's life and works and explains why I chose to study Coleridge's conversation poems. Then in the main chapters the poems are analyzed in terms of theme, structures, style and tone. We see Coleridge's conversation poems express typically such Romantic themes as: the union of mind and nature, the reconciliation between natural and social world, imagination, solitude, melancholy, and self-realization. But underlying these themes is a central belief that insightful truths can be obtained only when mind and nature can interact successfully. We also see that Coleridge's conversation poems are all structured according to a tripartite circular pattern, beginning with a description of outer scenes, followed by a middle part of meditation, and ending with a return to the original scenes while the poet-speaker has gained a fuller understanding of himself and the world. Then we see the colloquial style of Coleridge's conversation poems, together with the variety of tones adopted therein, serves to bring out the poet's inner voices so that his impulses resulting from his contact with the external world, along with his thoughts arising from his intellect, can be expressed sincerely at ease. This thesis comes to the conclusion that better than other types of works, Coleridge's conversation poems provide the poet with the chances to utter his heart-felt Romantic truths, demonstrating meanwhile the poet's status as a visionary prophet.

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