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標題: 運用獸醫繼續教育推廣重大人畜共通傳染病課程及其相關法規調整研析
Promote the major zoonotic disease by using veterinary continuing education courses and modification the veterinarian-law system for continuing education
作者: 張力天
關鍵字: 其他;Zoonotic Diseases;畜牧獸醫類;人畜共通傳染病;獸醫繼續教育;獸醫師法;Veterinary Continuing Education;Law of Veterinarian

We will focus our project on zoonotic disease of veterinary medicine continued education by distance learning and social networking site systems and modifiation of Veterinary Law will be linked up with advanced veterinary medicine courses will be another target of this program. We trust that good communication between us and local hospital of veterinary medicine or association of veterinary medicine after relative informal discussion. The final editing completed in law line with national conditions and the needs of veterinarians."
其他識別: 101農科-10.6.1-檢-B7(7)
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