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標題: 訴情與慶幸:渥滋華斯的自白文學<<序言>>
Wordsworth's Plaintive and Gratulant Voice: A Study of The Prelude as Confessional Literature
作者: 吳玲慧
Wu, Ling-hwai
關鍵字: 渥滋華斯;Wordsworth;威廉渥滋華斯;訴情與慶幸:渥滋華斯的自白文學<<序言>>;序言;訴情與慶幸<<序言>>;自白文學<<序言>>;William Wordsworth;Wordsworth's Plaintive and Gratulant Voice: A Sstudy of The Prelude as Confessional Literature;The Prelude;Plaintive and Gratulant Voice;The Prelude as Confessional Literature
出版社: 外國語文學系研究所
渥滋華斯的<<序言>>為浪漫文學類之自白文學. 第一章定義<<序言>>與自白文學之
間的關係. 第二章界定點點光陰("spots of time"). 第三章辨証想像力之始末. 第四章
探究內容語氣之蛻變. 第五章推述出<<序言>>為新的自白文學,有別於中世記的自白文學,
更為後繼者推陳出 新.

Wordsworth's The Prelude is a masterpiece of Romantic confession.
The first chapter tries to clarify the definition of confessional literature,
and to confirm the status of The Prelude in the western tradition of confessio
nal literature. In the second chapter, classification of
the confessional content of The Prelude is made on the basis of the poet's
conscious "spots of time." Such "spots of time," in accordance with Wordswort
h's idea of good poetry,can be regarded as the confessions of
his genuine feelin
gs.In the third chapter, emphasis is placed on the explication of the transfor
mations of the mind in nature and society. The fourth chapter tries to justif
y the existence of a double voice in the poet's confessing of the "spots of ti
me." The last chapter concludes that The Prelude is a genre ofself-representa
tion with the employment of new subjects, new moral attitudes, and a new kind
of vision. A confessional piece of this sort puts forth anew cultural system
of values for the later confessional creators to abide by.
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