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標題: 公路生態草溝之水動力研究(第1期)
Study on Hydrodynamics of Ecological Grassed Channels of Highway1
作者: 謝平城
關鍵字: 應用研究;porous medium flow;土木水利工程類;孔隙介質流;草溝;水動力;,grassed channel;hydrodynamics

To reduce the impact of environment, the design of drainage system of highway is supposed to use grassed channels instead of concrete ditches, which will reduce the runoff, delay the peak time and increase the recharge of groundwater. However, if the Manning's formula is still employed to calculate the capacity of the grassed channels, the selection of the coefficient of Manning's roughness will be a big problem. Since this coefficient is much related to the density of the grass, it is easy to lose the accuracy only by artificial or empirical judgment. To realize the effect of the density and the height of grass on the drainage capacity, this project will develop a fundamental theory to analyze and discuss the hydrodynamics of grassed channels. The results of this study could be as a reference for the design of grassed channels in the future.The work of the first year is aimed at collecting the relative documents and handbooks and drawing up a fundamental theory. The work of the second year will include the measurement of velocity in the lab, and the verification of the results in the first year. Therefore, the mathematical model developed in the first year is probably modified according to the experimental data in the second year.
其他識別: 950-N04
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