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標題: 射出成型機危害與安全系統分析研究
Study of Hazards and Safety System of Injection Moulding Machines
作者: 邱顯俊
關鍵字: 應用研究;Safety Standard;機械工程類;安全標準;安全法規;射出成型機;Safety Regulation;Injection-molding Machine
我國塑膠射出成型機的年產量居世界的第三位,僅次於日本及德國,近五年來的平均年產值超過80億,平均年產機台數超過七千台,其中將近一半外銷至世界各國, 歐美各大國均將塑膠射出成型機械列為危險機械,針對此類機械訂定許多相關安全標準與法規,反觀國內據估計有至少超過一萬家以上的射出成型加工業者,卻無任 何針對此類型機械的相關安全規定,故本研究乃藉由調查分析國內射出成型機的使用現況與收集分析國際上對射出成型機的安全要求及認證程序的相關資料,再針對 國內常用之機型依據國外相關安全規定與國內使用現況進行實機測試與危害分析,然後擬定出本土化射出成型機之安全法規標準、安全操作技術手冊、測試方法草案 及國內安全認證制度之機制建議,並提出本土化射出成型機之未來改進研究對策及方向,以期能達到降低射出成型業者的職業災害。

The annual production of plastic injection molding machine of our country is in the third place of the world, only behind Japan and German. In our country, for the past five years, the average annually production value is over 800 million dollars and the average annually production quantity is over 7000. Near half of these productions are exported to other countries. In Europe and America, they all have safety standards and safety regulations for plastic injection molding machine because there all treat this kind machine as a dangerous machine. However, our country does not have any safety standard and safety regulation for plastic injection molding machine, although we have more than 10,000 plastic injection-molding process factories. Therefore, this study is planned to draw up manuscripts of safety standard, safety regulation, and authorization system for plastic injection-molding machine for our country. In addition, a strategy of future research and development will be provided. This is done by collecting and analyzing relative safety standards, safety regulations, and authorization systems for plastic injection molding machine of other countries. Besides, an investigation of injection-molding process factories and machine safety test will be executed in this study to understand our products' performance. The goal is to reduce the occupational damage of plastic injection-molding process workers.
其他識別: IOSH89-S232
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