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標題: 我國推動非營利組織參與地方政府跨域治理之可行性研究計畫案
作者: 李長晏
關鍵字: 應用研究;公共行政, 其他(社會);非營利組織;跨域治理;公私協力

Cross boundary governance has become the focal point of contemporary public administration research, and the new formation of “5 Special Municipalities” in Taiwan has made it even more significant. However, the role and participation of NPOs in cross regional governance have long been neglected both in research and practice. Thus, this research is dedicated to evaluate the feasibility of NPOs in participating cross regional governance of local governments. By in depth interviews, focus group consultations and workshop discussions, this research first examines the current operation and vital issues of local cross boundary platforms. Secondly, look into NPO's participation of cross boundary governance in other countries for learning and comparison. Third, analyze the willingness, expectations and concerned issues of NPOs, and perform a simulative case study of NPO participation in cross boundary governance to observe possible limitations and problems during the process. Fourth, evaluate the qualifications, operation modes and identify types of issues for NPO's participation in cross boundary governance. Finally, propose concrete policy advices and supporting measures for the participation of NPOs in cross boundary governance.
其他識別: RDEC-RES-101-017
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