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標題: 利用放射線照射殺滅花卉害蟲可行性之探討
Evaluation of Using Gamma Irradiation to Disinfest Floral Pests for Quarantine Purposes
作者: 路光暉
關鍵字: 應用研究;Quarantine;植物保護類;檢疫;切花;伽瑪射線照射;斜紋夜蛾;紅蜘蛛;Fresh Cut Flowers;Gamma Irradiation;Cutworm;Spider Mites
本省農業自轉型以來,高經濟價值農作物的栽植面積逐年增加,有漸漸取代如水稻等傳統作物的趨勢,花卉作物即為其中的一種.花卉作物除供本地市場需求外,亦已成為本省一大宗輸出的農產品,故而於出口前,防除藏匿其中的檢疫害蟲,則成為一重要的課題.傳統上,此類害蟲的防除方法,多以溴化甲烷(methyl bromide)進行燻蒸,但由於此類化合物對環境及人體健康會產生不良的影響,現已漸被禁用,因此短期內勢必尋求其他替代方法.目前許多食品和醫用器材等物品的滅菌處理,均已應用適當劑量的伽瑪射線(γray)照射即可達到目的,此處理法甚為方便與安全,且無化學藥劑殘存之疑慮,應為一可應用於滅蟲的工作上.本計畫的主要目的,即在於探討應用照射伽瑪射線的方法,殺滅可能存在於出口花卉中的害蟲(如夜蛾類、潛葉蛾類、薊的參考.

The agricultural cultivation in Taiwan has been gradually shifted from the traditional culture such as rice to more valuable plants, for example fresh cut flowers. In spite of providing to the domestic markets, the fresh cut flowers are now exported to many countries. In order to prevent the invasion of pests, these kinds of goods are required to have strict quarantine treatment before export to or import from a country. For this purpose, a fumigant, methyl bromide, has been widely used for many years; however, it has recently been banned by many countries concerning about its hazards to the environment and human health. Therefore, seeking alterative methods to disinfest floral pests for quarantine purposes are imperative under the circumstances. The aim of this study is to evaluate a possible application of gamma irradiation to treat some key floral pests, such as cutworms, thrips and mites etc. in Taiwan, investigate the suitable doses for disinfestation of different pests, and provide the results as references for future use.
其他識別: 89科技-6.2-檢-80
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