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標題: 農業科技創新機制及計畫績效評估制度之研究
Study on Innovation System and Performance Assessment of Agricultural Technology
作者: 萬鍾汶
關鍵字: 應用研究;Agricultural Technology;其他(農);農業科技;科技計畫;績效評估;平衡記分卡;分析層級程序法;技術發展;產學合作研究;智慧財產;技術移轉;農業科技;商業模式;創新型經濟;農業創新體系;農業科技政策;Technology Project;Performance Assessment;Balanced Scorecard;Analytical Hierarchy Process;Technological Development;Cooperative Research;Intellectual Property;Technology Transfer;Agricultural Technology;Business Model;Innovative Economy;Agricultural Innovation System;Agricultural Technology Policy

In an innovative economy of Taiwan, the effects of Knowledge and technology are domininating those of land, captital in traditional economy on production. Innovation is a critical factor for enhancing competitiveness of technology ritented industries. In accordance with globalization of agricultural production, promoting agricultural technology development and innovation for Taiwan agricultural sector is crucial issue. The social and economic resources for Taiwan agricultural sector are limited. The efficient and effective agricultural innovation system in Taiwan is important for increasing competitiveness of Taiwan agricultural products in the trend of globalization. Moreover, to take technology to market and become a competitive weapon is not adhoc. Therefore, the mechanism of commercialization and globolization for agricultural technology transfer in Taiwan should be responsibly establish.
其他識別: 94農科-1.1.2-科-a2
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