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標題: 北加州和台灣地區Bartonella species經由吸血蜱種媒介之研究
Carriage of Bartonella Species by Questing or Engorged Ticks from Northern California and Taiwan
作者: 莊士德
關鍵字: 應用研究;Bartonella;畜牧獸醫類;巴東氏菌;蜱;灰狐;反芻動物;流行病學;Tick;Grey fox;Ruminant;Epidemiology
Bartonella spp.能經由動物感染人,有許多種類已經在脊椎動物中被分離出來,其中包括人、馴養的哺乳類、野生動物等;吸血的節肢動物也已經被證實是Bartonella spp.的媒介者。根據目前Dr. Chomel未發表的研究顯示,超過百分之三十被檢測的灰狐曾被Bartonella spp.感染;此外Bartonella spp.也在反芻動物和反芻動物身上的蜱類檢測出。本研究目的,在調查在北加州的狐類是否可能是Bartonella spp.的媒介者,並且同時建立台灣地區的反芻動物、蜱類、Bartonella spp.三者之間在流行病學上的關連性。本試驗中採集到的蜱類先經由型態學的鑑定,在反芻動物身上採集的血液先進行革蘭氏染色和生物化學性試驗,DNA glt基因片段在萃取後利用TaqI、HhaI、MseI限制酶進行聚合酶連鎖反應--限制酵素切割片段長度多型性分析。接著進行序列分析,以確認限制酵素切割片段長度多型性的分析結果和種系發生的分類。所得的資料,特別是從動物身上和已吸血的蜱種分離到的Bartonella spp.進行McNemar test分析。本研究的結果,能增進我們了解在北加州的灰狐,以及在台灣的野生和馴養的反芻動物是否為Bartonella spp.的媒介者,對將來建立有效的監控和預防措施佔有相當重要的地位。

Bartonella spp. can be transmitted from animals to humans. Certain species have been isolated from many vertebrates, including humans, domestic mammals and wild animals. Various hemotophogous arthropods are also confirmed being the vectors of Bartonella spp. Based on ongoing study, there are more than 30% of gray foxes tested that were infected with Bartonella spp. (Chomel unpublished data). In addition, DNA of Bartonella spp. has also been detected from ruminants and in ticks on ruminants. The aim of this study is to investigate the role of foxes as a possible reservoir of Bartonellosis in Northern California and to establish the epidemiological relationships of ruminants, ticks and Bartonella in Taiwan. After morphological identification of ticks and Gram staining and biochemical tests performed on blood samples from ruminants, TaqI, HhaI and MseI restriction endonucleases will be used for PCR-restriction fragment length polymorphism (PCR-RFLP) analysis of the gltA gene. Sequencing of individual PCR products will be completed to verify PCR-RFLP designations and phylogenetically classify Bartonella spp. Then, the data will be analyzed using 2 2 contingency table for paired samples (McNemar test) especially between bacteria in host and PCR positive on engorged ticks. The result of this study will be helpful for comprehending the possibility of gray foxes, wild and domestic ruminants as the reservoir of Bartonella spp. in Northern California and Taiwan. It will also be important to further establish effective control and prevention measures.
其他識別: 94農科-1.2.1-科-a1(3)
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