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標題: 台灣土地利用規劃的角色與功能-兼論德國之經驗
The Role and Functions of Land-Use Planning in Taiwan
作者: 劉健哲
關鍵字: 應用研究;Land-use Planning;農業經濟類;土地利用規劃;農村規劃;鄉村發展;Rural Planning;Rural Development

Because of the limited supply of land resource, it is unavoidable that farmland is being transferred to non-agricultural land. It is well-known that recovery of land productivity may be difficult or impossible under improper conversion or application. In order to protect precious agricultural areas as the agricultural production environment, farmland resources should be balanced against the needs of all sectors in future, and land use should be comprehensively planned on the whole. It is very important to use land resources reasonable, in order to meet the need for land of the whole nation's economic development, and to protect the precious farmland resources from irregularly scattering. Otherwise, the pollution problem will aggravate and agricultural productive environment will be destroyed.
其他識別: 94農科-1.2.1-國-I3(1)
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