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標題: 即食性紅麴低硝及低鹽鴨賞之開發及品質之研究
Study of Development of Ready to Eat Product for Low-Salt and Nitrite Cooked Smoked Duck with Anka
作者: 劉登城
關鍵字: 應用研究;Ready to Eat;食品科技;即食性;紅麴;鴨賞;Ankas;Cooked Smoked Duck

Cooked smoked duck is a special food product in I-Lan and also are famous in Taiwan. A lower palatability of cooked smoked duck is admitted by the consumers because high salt content always exist in this product and amount can reach up 5% and resulted in a low consumption for cooked smoked duck. The health concern about food is gradually enhanced by the people in here. The low salt and addiditive in food, therefore, still expired by the consumers. Ankas is often used in food for health and nature preservative and also was preferred by Chinese people. The purposes of this project is to utilize Ankas to treat cooked smoked duck and reduce the salt and nitrite for this food in the processings. However, a new product development and increasing consumption of duck also are targets in this study.
其他識別: 94農科-12.1.4-牧-U1(3)
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