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標題: 農業區域教學中心之連結功能之研究
A Study on Coordinative Function of Agricultural District Teaching Center
作者: 王俊雄
關鍵字: 應用研究;Agricultural Extension;農業推廣類;農業推廣;區域教學;農民學習;終身學習;District Teaching;Farmers Learning;Lifelong Learning
1. 協助調查整合我國農業教育訓練相關資源,以助發揮農業人力資源發展績效。 2. 以區位及專長分工方式,協助農業區域教學中心的規劃、建置與運作。 3. 研擬區位內各教育訓練單位對區域教學中心的協助、合作、交流、互動等連結機制。

1. Investigates to the conformity of agricultural education correlation. 2. By the position and the specialty division of labor way, assists the agricultural district teaching center, to establish with the operation. 3. Draws up each education and training unit to the district teaching center assistance, the cooperation, the exchange, the interaction and so on links the mechanism.
其他識別: 94農科-3.1.4-輔-#1(6)
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