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標題: 利用生物技術提高豆科飼料原料之營養價值 (Ⅱ) 1. 豆科過敏性蛋白質閥值之測定與分離之乳酸桿菌降低大豆粕抗營養因子之評估
Application of Biotechnology for Increasing the Nutritive Value of Legume Feedstuff( II ).1.Determining the Threshold of Soybean Antigenic Protein and Evaluate the Ability of Isolated Lactobacillus to Decreasing Anf in Soybean Meal
作者: 余碧
關鍵字: 應用研究;Cutaneous Skin Test;農藝, 農業化學類;α-半乳醣酶蛋白酶西方墨漬法;酵素免疫分析法;α-galactosidase;Protease;Western Blotting;Enzyme-linked Immunosobent Assay

Soybean contain anti-nutritional factors causing digestive disturbances in young animal. Thermo-stable antigenic protein was seriously than others. To understand the threshold of antigenic proteins in soybean meal was assistant to develop soybean products and increase the utilization in feeding. This study will determine the threshold of different antigenic protein by using cutaneous skin test with SDS-PAGE and western blotting method. We will be evaluate that the effectiveness of both strains of F10 and L22 isolation in previous study ferment with soybean meal under the had been established optimal fermentation condition on the elimination of anti-nutritional factors. Finally, the allergenic reaction of self-prepared fermented SBM will be also detected by cutaneous skin test in the piglet.
其他識別: 94農科-4.1.4-牧-U1(3)
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